Local Hubs

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There are a number of Community Hubs across the Stroud District. Take a look at our local hub map here or see the list below. If you would like to have your Community Hub added to the list, or have any questions regarding the project, please contact communityhubs@cscic.org

All Pulling Together

All Pulling Together
Address: 1, Park Parade, Stonehouse GL10 2DB 
Website: www.aptstonehouse.org/
Email: aptcentral@btconnect.com Tel: 01453 822705

Cashes Green Community Centre

Cashes Green Community Centre
Address: 1-3 Queen’s Drive, Cashes Green,
Stroud, GL5 4NR  
Website: www.cashesgreen.org.uk
Email: hello@cashesgreen.org.uk Tel: 07917 610367 

Coopers Edge Community Centre

Coopers Edge Community Centre
Address: Typhoon Way, Brockworth, Gloucestershire, UK GL3 4DY 
Website: attheedge.community
Email: lettings@coopersedge.gloucs.sch.uk
Tel: 01452 612067 

Creative Sustainability logo

Creative Sustainability
Address: Fromehall Mill, Lodgemore Lane, Stroud, GL5 3EH
Website: cscic.org
Email: Anna@cscic.org Tel: 07869 267 242

GL11 Community Hub logo

GL11 Community Hub
Address: Fairmead, Cam, Dursley, GL11 5JS
Website: www.gl11.org.uk
Email: office@gl11.org.uk Tel: 01453 548530

The Keepers Community Hub logo

The Keepers and Wotton Area Community Hub
Address: Symn Lane, Wotton-U-Edge, GL12 7BD
Website: www.thekeepers.org.uk

Middle of the Hill Community Group

Middle of the Hill Community Group
Address: Nouncells Cross Community Room, Bisley Old Road, Stroud GL5 1PU
Website: www.facebook.com/MHCGStroud
Email: contactmhcg@gmail.com Tel: 07707 126628

Painswick Community Support

Website: facebook.com/groups/painswickcovid19

Contact: painswickcommunity@gmail.com

Paganhill Community Hub logo

Paganhill Community Group
Address: Farmhill Ln, Paganhill, Stroud GL5 4BX
Website: paganhill.org.uk

Email: info@paganhill.org.uk  Tel: 07828 168857

The Fig Tree 

Address: The High Street, Stonehouse, GL10 2AN 

Website: stonehousefigtree.org

Top of Town Community Hub

Top of Town Community Hub
Address: Bisley Old Road, Stroud, GL5 1LZ
Website: www.facebook.com/towncommunityhub
Email: topoftowncommunityhub@gmail.com
Tel: 07846 203154

Trinity Rooms Community Hub

Trinity Rooms Community Hub
Address: Trinity Rooms, Field Rd, Stroud, GL5 2HZ
Website: stroudtrinityrooms.org
Email: hello@stroudtrinityrooms.org