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Photos shows a group of happy, young people in a bike workshop

Access Bike

A community bike workshop in Stroud. We sell refurbished bikes, run mentor schemes, upcycle bike parts and provide a space for Stroud’s young people to make friends and learn new skills.
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Photo shows three Bell tents in a wild campsite

Creative Camping

Supporting disabled and non-disabled teenagers to spend time together throughout the year at wilderness camps, encouraging self-agency, positive risk taking, cooperation, friendship and inclusion.
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A drawing of adults, children, standing, with a bicycle, and in a whleechair

Community Hubs

The Community Hubs strategy aims to build community resilience to ensure we are better prepared for emergencies in the future.
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Photo show a woman working on a laptop

Digital Inclusion

Engaging people with online services and supporting those who struggle to access and use digital tools. Find out more…

Photo shows a protest sign at a demonstration which reads "What about my future?"

Gloucestershire Youth Climate Group

A group of 30 16-25 year olds from Gloucestershire who come together to make a positive impact for a low carbon and resilient Gloucestershire that reduces inequities and centres the needs of people and the environment. Find out more…

Three people are sitting in a group outside. One of them is holding an acoustic guitar.

3rd Space

A vibrant, inclusive, safe, supported space for young people to explore their potential. Find out more…