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Photos shows a group of happy, young people in a bike workshop

Access Bike

A community bike workshop in Stroud. We sell refurbished bikes, run mentor schemes, upcycle bike parts and provide a space for Stroud’s young people to make friends and learn new skills.

Photo shows three Bell tents in a wild campsite

Creative Camping

Supporting disabled and non-disabled teenagers to spend time together throughout the year at wilderness camps, encouraging self-agency, positive risk taking, cooperation, friendship and inclusion.

A drawing of adults, children, standing, with a bicycle, and in a whleechair

Community Hubs

Community Hubs are places found in the heart of our communities, where people find their common unity, develop friendships and purpose, share interests and expertise, where people can and get help, advice and guidance.

Photo show a woman working on a laptop

Digital Inclusion

Engaging people with online services and supporting those who struggle to access and use digital tools.

Photo shows a protest sign at a demonstration which reads "What about my future?"

Glos Youth Climate Group

A group of 30 16-25 year olds from Gloucestershire who come together to make a positive impact for a low carbon and resilient county that reduces inequities and centres the needs of people and the environment.

Three people are sitting in a group outside. One of them is holding an acoustic guitar.

3rd Space

A vibrant, inclusive, safe, supported space for young people to explore their potential.

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