Community Hubs Project

The Community Hubs project aims to build community resilience to ensure we are better prepared for emergencies in the future.

The project is led by Miranda Eeles, whose role will be to develop a strategic plan for Stroud District following a report produced last year by Creative Sustainability on how local community groups and the wider voluntary sector responded to the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges they faced in the process.  

Community Hubs are organisations that act as a central point of contact and support for their communities. In normal times, Hubs are connectors of people, communities, local groups, businesses and voluntary sector organisations and a place where people can find friendship, positive things to do, acquire new skills, share their expertise and get help and advice on food, housing, finances, health and wellbeing. 

In emergencies, Hubs can become distribution centres and provide storage for food, manage volunteers, be a focal point of support for mutual aid groups, become a fiscal host, offer expertise on inclusion, safeguarding and GDPR and help ensure important information is shared with the community and feedback is acted upon in a timely manner. 

The strategic plan will look at what needs to be done to expand the existing network of Community Hubs in order to:

·      Ensure coverage across the whole of the district and appropriate distribution of responsibilities

·      Share knowledge, resources and skills

·      Ensure best practice around inclusion and safeguarding

·      Improve cross sector working and collaboration

·      Ensure fair and efficient use of resources

The project is funded by Stroud District Council and Gloucestershire County Council. 

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What’s Next for Community Hubs Project?

June 2021: Community Hubs Development Lead recruited – funded post for one year. 
June 2021 – June 2022: Develop the Strategic Plan as per:
1. Creative Sustainability Strategy Document (2020)
2. Theory of Change: Community Hubs project
3. Steering Group Prioritisation exercise: The four priorities identified by the SG in December 2021 are:

– Develop tool to help community groups assess their resource needs and capacity
– Produce a costed plan, using case studies from existing hubs showing the value of their work
– Establish peer network of Community Hubs to share, learn, connect and reflect
– Map coverage of district