Fix-IT: Mobile Device repair workshop

Would you like to learn how to make simple repairs to your mobile devices, such as phones or tablets?

Have you tried to repair your device but don’t have the correct tools or knowledge?

Starting soon…

Soon we will be launching a drop-in workshop where you can get free support in making repairs. We have been donated old phones which you can practice on, or even fix one up to keep if you don’t have your own. Or use our tools to fix your own phone.

How to find us: Check out our collection point map.

How to support the project

Donate your unused mobile phones

Organise a public or company collection point

Volunteer to support people with their repairs

Help us review and assess donated phones

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1. We want your unused mobile phones!

We all have old phones and devices lying around in drawers. Reclaim that space by letting us take them off your hands.

We will:

  • re-pair or re-use the phone or device for people who don’t have one
  • use a broken device to practice or for parts
  • recycle any unusable parts through our partnership with GCC Gloucestershire Recycles

How to send them to us

We have a number of collection points around Stroud where you can drop them off. Please see the full list on our collection point map.

2. Arrange a mobile device phone drop-off collection point

If you work at a local company or organisation, you could organise a collection point where staff can drop off their old devices.

We have a number of collection points around Stroud where you can drop them off. Please see the full list on our collection point map.

3. Volunteer at our workshops sessions to support people to learn

Do you have experience of fixing digital or electronic devices? Contact us if you are interested in volunteering at our space on a Tuesday afternoon to support people making their own repairs.

4. Volunteer to help us assess donated devices

Do you have the experience to help us assess any donated devices? We need to check which can be repaired or which can be used to practice on. This could be done whenever you have some free time. Get in touch if you could help out.

Contact us for more information

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of devices do you take?

    • We can take any smartphone such as an iPhone, Windows or Android phone (including Samsung, Huawei etc)
    • We also take tablets such as an iPad, Samsung or Kindle.

    My phone has a cracked screen / won’t charge / has other damage – is this okay?

    • It’s still fine if the phone has a broken screen, doesn’t stay charged, or has other damage. We can use these phones for people to practice on.
    • Any devices we can’t use, we will put into the correct waste stream courtesy of our partners at the County Council.

    Do you want chargers?

    • If you have a charger for it, please send that too, but it’s not necessary.

    Does it need to be unlocked?

    • Please remove any password or swipe code from the phone before you drop in off if possible. If not, we’re still happy to receive your donated locked phone

    Should I wipe any data from it?

    • We will reset the phone to factory settings, which removes any data.