Gloucestershire Youth Climate Group Celebrate Earth Day

Gloucestershire Youth Climate Group Celebrate Earth Day

On Saturday 22nd April, Gloucestershire Youth Climate Group members went to The University of Gloucestershire and experienced a Mock UN Climate Conference with the International Relations Course.

We started off the day with games to test skills in different types of communication, get to know each other and have fun.

Young people then split into teams to represent groups of countries. They were given a briefing and went through a series of negotiations to represent the needs of the countries they were representing whilst making changes needed to fight Climate Change. We used Climate Interactive Platform to see how decisions made in the debates would impact climate needs and the aim was to get to 1.5c. We discovered that this was difficult and then finished off the session by using the platform to work out what needed to be done to reach this target.

Young people then enjoyed pizza and chatting and we explored what opportunities there are in the county to get involved in climate community action.

Thank you to the University of Gloucestershire International Relations Course for their support in this.

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A group of young people standing posed for a photograph
A group of young people sitting in groups around small tables, looking at a presentation