Anna R



Anna is a Community Engagement consultant and expert in Education for Sustainable Development as a framework for the exploration of environmental issues and sustainability. She speaks on ‘positive risk and the risk of not doing’ at conferences and to local commissioners, redressing the misconceptions of risk and the impacts on disadvantaged and excluded children and adults. She works in many settings to promote the values and benefits of inclusion, community voice and sustainability, providing a highly reputed local model for best practice. In 2017 she has begun to research and develop an inclusive evaluation framework that puts people at the center of their health and well-being choices.

Anna led on a significant piece of youth research in 2013 which continues to inform the ESD sector, under the title Future Now. . Her leadership and management of a great number of social, public and private sector partners, community engagement programme and development of monitoring and learning frameworks resulted in a huge body of evidence of need for a review of education for a sustainable future.

Anna is a qualified teacher, has studied Environmental Science as an undergraduate and takes a strong environmental sustainability stance in local politics and as a member of her local community. In her previous incarnation (pre- children) Anna was a theatre set designer and developed a project involving British artists to deliver Art and Design/ PSHE & C cross-curricular education in primary and secondary schools to ensure that ‘every child is an artist’.


Tel: 70939 338384