An acute obsession with fairness gets me out of bed in the morning. Probably born of playing hundreds of games of Monopoly with my older brother in the 70s.

I co-founded CS in 2010 working from the kitchen table and with experience in youth work, theatre set building, teaching and what its like to be a broke single parent. Fellow founders Dom Thomas, Chris Jockel and I were introduced to inclusion and the marginalisation of disabled young people by Inclusion Guru Philip Douch, who told us that true disability inclusion was doing what you’re already doing but taking disabled young people with you too. I’ve applied this principle to pretty much everything thereafter.

My special power is recruiting great people – the brilliant CS team has become a collective voice for social justice, stronger than the sum of our parts, and I just swan around being bossy about spending money and staying safe.

Between sorting funding and policies I indulge in exploring how to actually implement strategic thinking in the sector to create better systems that support the community ecosystem as a whole – the distribution and sharing of resources, learning and capacity for more effective working, a more sustainable and equitable sector.  I want to see boldness and innovation, including tech solutions, in how we research and develop community led action; for better processes of decision making that help overcome inequities and allow all voices to be heard, and for coproduced inclusive evaluation that produces meaningful data that underpins how money is spent and on what.

I love my job, most of the time!


Tel: 070939 338 384