XX The Bike Drop

A youth-led enterprise supporting zero carbon delivery, skills development and fair wage jobs for young people, supporting local businesses to enhance and increase their offer for local people.

The covid crisis gave rise to The Bike Drop, now a new Community Interest Company (CIC). This local bike delivery service started out with a team of dedicated young people who wanted to get active and be part of the solution supporting local businesses and their community, helping vulnerable and shielding people to get supplies during lockdown.

The benefits of a reliable, eco delivery service were immediately clear to local businesses and the project evolved into a business. We set the CIC up in partnership with The Grace Network, with a 50/50 share to support and up-skill a dynamic young team and the local community through a sustainable transport and delivery service, providing;

  • employment and training opportunities for young people in a positive, healthy working environment
  • reduce carbon emission within the Stroud District and promote cycling as a mode of transport
  • support local businesses and contribute to the development of a more resilient local economy.

In a year Bike Drop has now provided six young people with employment and training that was otherwise not available to them and delivered over 5000 items in and around the Stroud District.

What’s next for the Bike Drop?

We are updating the existing business plan in partnership with the Grace Network, in summary to

  • Consolidate and grow customers, improving systems and forecasting
  • Explore work streams for recycling and partnership with waste contractors
  • Explore potential for out of town depot for first-last mile delivery

In 2021 we will be seeking investment and/or funding to support full-time development and management, to grow our fleet of cargo bikes and involve more young people through the Access Bike Graduate Scheme.