Our Community Rail projects improve connectivity, provide economic opportunity, and empower local people through sustainable transport, destination management and station activities.

Based on the success of our pilot activities delivered in 2019 Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership CIC was constituted in April 2020 with Creative Sustainability as key delivery partner.

Activities planned include:

Let’s Talk Travel: developing skills, careers and employability through community engagement and resource development, supporting accessibility to train and wider sustainable travel, building confidence and supporting vulnerable groups to access life opportunities and work

Taste for Travel: promoting travel behaviouralchange for leisure through mapped trails and bookable visitor experiences inagri-tourismandheritage, increasing health, wellbeing and economic development

Access Public Transport: engaging four youth groups throughout lockdown on the sustainable transport agenda with an opportunity to debate and influence the transport agenda for our local place

Canal Rail Trail: promoting travel behavioural change with local walking and cycling opportunities, improving health and wellbeing through experiences that encourage greater connections and ownership of local place

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What’s Next for Community Rail Partnership?

– Extending our Let’s Talk Travel Project to fund a 2-year part time post to improve employment opportunities through facilitated personal travel planning

– Launch of community rail education programme in partnership with Severnside, Worcestershire and Wiltshire Community Rail Partnerships

– Mapping and marketing trails and experiences designed specifically to support community recovery,improved health and wellbeing,and local economic development according to current restriction scenarios