October Walk

After an unscheduled and over extended summer break Edible Landscape finally got out with a fungi focused walk last Sunday. Having bemoaned the general lack of fruits a fungal flush creped up on me and forced a last minute call for participants.

In Parish and Old hill woods we found the best avoided Magpie Ink cap, Clouded Agaric, and honey fungus, as well as a bunch of unidentified numbers. The Amethyst Deceiver, despite it’s slightly ominous sounding name is good to eat if you can find enough of the often small deep purple mushrooms. I include a photo of the poisonous Sulphur tuft because of it’s other worldly “pixy city” appearance.

Later on I took the group to the site of Field blewits I’d discovered last year. They had come up mid to late November last year which had lead me to only checking out the site this weekend (Oct 20th) but to my dismay the blewits were already mostly past there best. But despite many of them gone over and suffering the obvious increase in slug population, that most gardeners are already all to aware of, the group managed to pick enough for a lunch of mushrooms on toast.

Here is a selection of the photo’s taken by Rupert on the walk showing some of the more interesting fungal finds.

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