Edible Open Gardens

As part of Transition Stroud’s Edible Open Gardens events I am opening my own garden for public inspection on Saturday 7th July. I’ll be around all day (11am – 5pm) to talk about the principles and processes I’ve been attempting to put in place despite the appalling weather we have been having this spring (and summer!).

Mine is a relativity small and very steep south facing garden mostly divided into single bed terraces. Growing perennial fruit, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. Although we have lived in the house for the past 13 years the garden has only been seriously developed for edibles over the last two or three years. When we moved here the ‘garden’ was a series rubble-filled bramble and scrub choked banks. Over the years we have been reclaiming the land and slowly terracing it, mostly with reclaimed dry stone walling or what ever came to hand (or out of the ground). The garden is now being developed using organic and permaculture principles. It includes a variety of unusual perennial fruit and vegetables along with more traditional varieties. One bed is dedicated to edible flowers. There are relatively new fruit and nut tree plantings and although not strictly speaking a forest garden some of the plants and planting decisions have also been informed by forest gardening principles. I am also cultivating shitake and oyster mushrooms on site and have been experimenting with companion mycology (cultivating or encouraging beneficial fungi to develop healthy soils and plants). An interest in foraging and wild foods has led to experimenting with planting wild and native edible species and developing edible water and wetland plants in and around a small pond.

More information on Stroud’s Edible Open Gardens events here.

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