A transformational journey with Shrek The Musical 

The 3rd Space ProCorda Theatre Company took a group of fantastic young people on an incredible journey – creating their own version of Shrek The Musical. This experience was transformational, helping them believe in themselves and uncover their unique talents.  

Feeling Accepted: We visited ProCorda, a music school in Leiston Abbey, Suffolk. This trip meant a lot because it helped our young people feel like they truly belonged. One person on the autism spectrum returned to a place they loved, sharing their fun and passionate side with friends. They realized that their love for musical theatre was something to be celebrated. 

Discovering Hidden Talents: During this adventure, one person found a love for acting they didn’t know was in them. Being part of Shrek The Musical allowed their talent to shine. They discovered a potential future in performing arts, igniting a passion they didn’t realise they had. 

Building Confidence: For another young person, this trip marked their first time traveling without family. Supported by friends and mentors, they gained confidence and self-belief. They discovered they were capable of overcoming challenges and embraced new experiences. 

Supportive Connections: Similarly, another person embraced independence during their second trip away from family. They became a source of inspiration, supporting others and forming close friendships. Their teamwork and unity shone on stage. 

A Life-Changing Experience: Together, this journey brought remarkable change. They reconnected with old friends and made new ones, creating a strong support network. The journey of creating Shrek The Musical gave them the opportunity to express themselves and taught them resilience. 

As their incredible journey ended, these young people returned home transformed. They carried memories of a week that encouraged personal growth and self-discovery. Through the power of creativity, art and musical theatre, they unlocked their talents and found strength in overcoming challenges. This trip emphasized the importance of inclusive opportunities for everyone. It reminded us all that we have limitless potential waiting to be embraced and celebrated. 

And the journey isn’t over yet – the 3rd Space ProCorda Theatre Company will be performing Shrek The Musical for friends, families and supporters here in Stroud very soon. Stay tuned for details! 

Thanks to Active Impact and Gloucestershire County Council for supporting this trip. 

Our everlasting thanks to ProCorda and Andrew Quartermain for hosting us for an incredible week.