New Mushroom Log Workshop

Having fortuitously secured some newly cut oak from a not very secret location I’m now in the position to run some mushroom log inoculation workshops In this practical workshop  location you will learn how to grow exotic mushrooms on hardwood logs. You will learn about how to select and prepare logs and how to inoculate them with Shiitake mushroom spawn. You will also learn how to care for your inoculated logs and how to encourage and maintain fruiting logs for many years. For the price of the workshop you will also get to take home your own freshly inoculated oak … read more

Edible Open Gardens

Nine Star perenial Broccoli plant

As part of Transition Stroud’s Edible Open Gardens events I am opening my own garden for public inspection on Saturday 7th July. I’ll be around all day (11am – 5pm) to talk about the principles and processes I’ve been attempting to put in place despite the appalling weather we have been having this spring (and summer!). Mine is a relativity small and very steep south facing garden mostly divided into single bed terraces. Growing perennial fruit, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. Although we have lived in the house for the past 13 years the garden has only been seriously developed … read more

New Season Edible Landscapes

A new season of Edible Landscape walks is kicking of this month. The first walk, entitled Winter Bones –  deep time & antifreeze, will be an introduction the Edible Landscape starting with the underlying structure – the bones – of the valley. Considering this landscape was created – in deep time – and how the geology, rock and soil shapes the life that exists now.We will also be looking at some plants that survive and thrive in the coldest month of the year. Check Events for dates and times … read more